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Internal Affairs

Monsoon Wedding

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Jiro dreams of Sushi

Beautiful, though-provoking and engaging are some of the adjectives that I can think off best to describe this documentary. Its about the relentless pursuit of one man in his quest for excellence. Jiro Ono has been a sushi chef since he was 9 years o...

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Lovers of the artic circle

Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Los amantes del círculo polar) is a Spanish drama movie from 1998. Its written and directed by Julio Médem. The level of complexity of his work is again evident, as in all of Medem’s previous movies. This particular story...

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Y tu mama tambien

Y tu mama tambien is the Mexican version of a classic American road movie. This is a movie where two (usually young) people go on a road trip and come out on the other end having discovered something about themselves through their experiences. This h...

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Featured movie of the Month: Infernal Af…

For decades, Hong Kong was the third largest movie industry in the world (after Hollywood and Bollywood) and it always had its own very distinctive style. However, after the financial...

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Featured movie of the Month: Snowpiercer

Before you quickly sigh and think, wow, another one of these post-apocalyptic movies with a big hollywood superstar (Insert Chris Evans in this instance), I have to say, no no...

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