Featured movie of the Month: Snowpiercer

Before you quickly sigh and think, wow, another one of these post-apocalyptic movies with a big hollywood superstar (Insert Chris Evans in this instance), I have to say, no no no, not for this movie. But the exception is just for this one. Because if you want the mother of all post-apocalyptic movies that have seemed to become the love of the film industry -- then look no further then this movie from South-Korea. Set in futuristic Earth, where a train with onboard all of human kind that has managed to survive the onsetting ice-age. 

This as a result of a failed attempt at controlling global warming. The train is on a continues journey across a track spanning the entire world and its passengers are seperated by the have’s in the front, and the have-not’s in the back. After several failed attempts at a revolution, the people are preparing for a new one.

It is highly entertaining (and extremely funny) and after we look past that ridiculous trailer that does not even really show what the movie is about (very Hollywood appropriate though), we discover a very quirky movie that is extremely well done and peels back layer after layer of its characters the further the movie goes along. It also delivers strong social commentary in a way that actually makes you think-- instead of just going “yeah, its bad.. but what can you do about it? This movie boils down to a very original script and strong actors-- with Tilda Swinton delivering the outstanding performance in this movie.

If this is a sign of the future of films to come out of South-Korea and they manage to keep up this high-quality of work, then I am very hopefull for their movie industry. I for one will be happily looking forward to whatever is coming next by director Joon-ho Bong.