Captains couragous

There is just something about the nostalgia of movies from the 1930’s that is just ever so special. Far ahead of its time and one of cinema’s greatest classic adventure stories ever told, is 1937’s Captain’s Courageous. This movie has a beautiful sentiment that has held up to this day.

Spencer Tracy plays Manuel (he won an Oscar for his role) as the Portugese fisherman who saves the life of a young boy. This young boy is called Harvey (Freddie Bartholomew) and is the spoiled son of one of America’s wealthiest business tycoon’s. After getting into trouble at his boarding school, his father decides to take him along on one of his business trip to Europe by transatlantic steamship. Its to try and become a better father for his son and to fix his spoiled behaviour. Not before long though things go awry as Harvey falls overboard but gets picked up by a nearby fishing schooner.

This schooner is full of no-nonsense fisherman on a yearly fishing-expedition who don’t seem to take kindly to Harvey. Except Manuel, who sees something in Harvey that none of the other crew do. They slowly become friends as Manuel teaches him all about the fish, the fishing ways and about how life works. As he slowly turns from a spoiled brat into finding greater maturity is where this film truly starts to shine.

With an all-star supporting cast consisting of Lionel Barrymore, John Carradine and Mickey Rooney, you have some of the funniest and most remarkable characters ever displayed on film. This movie was and is a true masterpiece that should still be be enjoyed today. So if you ever through about watching an older movie and had to choose one—then this would be the one that I would say you would have to watch.


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