The Gods must be crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy is a South-African comedy movie from 1980, directed by Jamie Uys. It started of as a small independent movie, but quickly drew critical acclaim and had to be translated from the original Afrikaans into English for its foreign release. It was well liked by many audiences all across the world, as somehow this story always seems to resonate with people. It did with my parents, who showed me this movie when I was a young boy, about 10 years old. I remember it making a quite an impact on me and when I found it again recently, it just had to be included here.

This Is a hilarious tale of man versus nature, where nature almost always inevitiably seem to win. Bushman Xi and his tribe who live in the Kalahari desert, get given a gift from the gods in the form off a coke bottle that was thrown from a plane flying over. As everything that the Gods give must be good, surely this must be good too! In no time it becomes the most important thing in the village and people start to fight over it who can have it. The village elders decides that its an evil thing and it must go. So Xi sets out on an epic journey to the end of the Earth to return gods mistake.

During his journey, he encounters all kinds of characters like a band of revolutionairies who are on the run from the government and a scientist working in the Kalahari desert who cannot seem to stop his clumsy ways when he is around the new beautiful schoolteacher. Bushmen Xi who has never seen or met anyone from “civilisation” before and who seems throughout this movie to stay unaffected to what is happening aroud him whenever he encounters these people. This provides many of the hilarious moments as Xi just wonders about what he sees and shrugs his shoulders and simply continues with whatever he is doing. It also beautifully points out the differences between our westren “ civilisation” and that of Africa in a view, that maybe we as westreners don’t have all right answers after all.


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