Man hunt

Man hunt from 1941 is a movie from German-Austrian director Fritz Lang. He was of Jewish ancestry and had fled Germany for America when the Nazi’s came to power in the mid 1930’s. he was already a very acclaimed movie-director in Germany and when he came to America, he then started working in Hollywood. Man Hunt was one of the first movies that he directed there. It has a strong anti-Nazi sentiment and was the first of four of these movies that he produced. Considered by many to be a classic movie now. This is an interesting story that also shows very well the anti-nazi sentiment living in America at that time and for many this was an uptick for America to eventually join the war.

Captain Alan Thorndike (Walter Pidgeon) is a famous big game hunter from England who stalks and kills for sport. He is hunting in Bavaria in the forests surrounding the berchtesgaden, which is Adolf Hitler’s personal retreat. He manages to get close and sees Hitler standing in the garden. He points his rifle at him and looks through the scope and pulls the trigger. However, there was no bullit in the chamber. He looks again, thinks and this time he puts a real bullit in the gun and aims. But before he can shoot he is caught by one of the guards and is captured. He gets questioned and tortured by Major Quive-Smith (George Sanders) but Captain Thorndike persists that he wasn’t going to shoot for real and that it was merely a sporting stalk. Its clear that Major Quive-Smith doesn’t believe him and now his life is in danger. However, Captain Thorndike escapes and what follows is a man hunt as the Nazi’s follow him all the way back to England as he tries to evades them.

A brilliant classic but one thing to note it is the acting style in this movie. The actors and actresses at the time where know for their overacting. Joan Bennett in particular is guilty of this here. Bu I think its also something that gives this movie its feel and charm.


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