Adventurland is a coming of age movie, albeit one that is extremely entertaining, funny and a quirky in how it portrays growing up as a confused teenager. Dealing with your teenage crush and what to do next in life. Staring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds, this is the follow up to cult classic Superbad . The script is loosly based on the director’s own experiences as a teenager, where he worked at Farmingdale amusement park Adventureland.



Let me start by saying that if you havent eaten before watching this movie, then that’s a very bad idea! You will litrally be salivating from the moment this movie starts. Jon Favreau has created what I can only describe as one of the best movies about food and chefs. Being trained as a chef myself, I can relate really well to the main character and his need for creative expression. But let my biased opinion on this movie not sway you either way. The script has many comedic notes and its good to see John favreu going back to his original roots of swingers. So despite a plethora of big Hollywood stars that you will see dashing past on your screen in small cameo roles, this movie manages to never looses its indie feel.

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