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Adventurland is a coming of age movie, albeit one that is extremely entertaining, funny and a quirky in how it portrays growing up as a confused teenager. Dealing with your teenage crush and what to do next in life. Staring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds, this is the follow up to cult classic Superbad . The script is loosly based on the director’s own experiences as a teenager, where he worked at Farmingdale amusement park Adventureland.

The movie is set in the summer of 1987 where James brennan has just been told to put his Europe summer trip on hold by his parents. Also his college plans hang in the balance as they are facing finiancial difficulties and he has to go and get a summer job, so he can help pay for his own college tuition. He finds a job in a run down amusement park in Pittsburgh. There he meets a hole host of different characters and one of the people there is a girl called Emily. She is a bit older and is already studying at NYU. She wanted to come home for the summer and work the job she had when she was a teenager to escape everyone and everything in NYC and to feel like how it was before again. She and James hit it off, but as as youth makes everything more akward, this of course resulting in many funny moments throughout the movie as they try and figure out how to behave around eachother.

The trailer to the movie is unfortenetly one of the worst trailer’s I’ve ever seen, but the movie is really very good! So please do not be turned of just by this trailer. In fact, just don’t even watch it as it gives way too much away of the story away as it is. Just go and watch this movie and I promise, you wont regret a second of it.


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