Goodbye Lenin Goodbye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin is a German Dark-comedy Directed by Wolfgang Becker. The cast stars Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß, Chulpan Khamatova, and Maria Simon. This is a very cleverly written movie, that really manages to perfectly capture the mood of the time and show what people went throught before, during and after the wall came down in the communist East-Germany.

Right before the fall of the wall in Berlin in 1989, Alexander Kerner is living together with his mom and sister in a small flat in East-berlin. They are experiencing the last few days of the East german governments reign, as Alexander’s mom suddenly gets a heartattack and falls into a coma. During her coma everything changes as the wall in Berlin seperating the east and the west comes down. When Alex his mom finally wakes up after being in a coma for nearly 8 months, he is told by the doctor that every little shock can give her another heart-attack. So he decides that the only way to keep his mom safe is to rebuilt the old communist days in their apartment to make her think that all is still the same. As the west invades the east, he finds it more and more difficult to hide the evidence. So as a result he has to get his sister, her boyfriend, his friends and entire neighbourhood involved in keeping it a secret from his mom, resulting in many hilarious moments throughout the movie.

A bit of funny trivia about this movie is that at the same time this movie was shot, the Russian writer Olga Slavnikova had just released a bestseller novel called "Bessmertnyj". It had almost the same plotline as Goodbye Lenin but then set in old soviet-union. It was a happy coincedence however and both film and book where both very succesfull in depicting the same thing together. All in all, easly one of the most Refreshing movies to have ever come out of Germany.


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