Monsoon Wedding

As much as I have a problem with the typical Hollywood movie, I have exactly the same issue with Bollywood movies and the over the top unrealistic movies they produce. This Indian movie from director Mira Nair however, couldn’t be more removed from the Typical Bollywood movie. Its gritty and shows a piece real life. I believe that she had exactly this in mind when making this movie. Her work consitst a lot of her kicking against the traditional views and this film is no different. Of course it still has the singing and dance elements that make a movie so distinctive Indian, but not every five minutes and totally out of context. And we would never want them to cut out that part out totally too.

The story is about an Indian middle-upper class family that comes together in Delhi from all over the world, as one of the daughters is going to marry. The father is a a wreck as he tries to arrange everything perfectly for his daghter’s wedding. He is aided by the slightly akward wedding-planner Dubey. Who is brilliantly played by Vijay Raaz. He provides many of the comedic notes in the movie, perfectly offsetting the sometimes very serious tone of this movie and providing some light with his performance. As I stated, this movie deals with some quite serious issues which are hard to be able portray with a certain balance. But there is always more behind a story from Mira Nair then it looks at first sight. She always tries to tackle social or difficult issues in whatever project she is doing. So its no surprise that this movie has its fair share of that too. In this movie, its the struggle of modern versus traditional India that she depicts very well.

You can almost smell, taste and hear the wedding when watching this movie. It’s as colorfull as it comes, and I don’t just mean the wedding. I mean the entire film and the family it portrays. You really get transported and this story really pulls you in, as the narrative of the movie is so unlike any typical Bollywood movie or for that matter any movie ive ever seen.


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