Rabbit-proof fence

This is a movie detailing a dark part of the Australian history. Between 1910 and 1970 the Australian government had a policy of forcefully removing aboriginal half-cast children (a child whose parents are of different races) from their parents and they would be taken to institutions across Australia. This was part of the Ausralian government’s idea of assimilation of the native population. The children where seperated from their parents and taken to settlements where they tried to get them to be assimilate and let their black part die out. These generations of children where called, the stolen generation.

 This story follows the journey of three young girls, who are played by Molly Craig (Everlyn Sampi), Daisy Craig Kadibill (Tianna Sansbury) and Gracie Fields (Laura Monaghan) as they are forecully taken from their mother and sent along to the Moore River Settlement. Here the girls are be trained as household staff and eventually to be send of to serve with white families. During their time at the settlement, Molly and her sisters want to escape and go back to their mother. One day, she sees a rain cloud and decides that is the chance for her and her sisters to escape as the rain will surely cover their tracks and make it hard to follow them. To get home they have to undertake a dangerous journey across more then 1500 miles of barren Australian desert, while being tracked by local hunters. This movie details the perilous journey that they undertook to get home.

Before starting shooting this movie, Director Phillip Noyce set out into the backland of Australia as he was trying to find three young Aboriginal girls to star in this movie. He wanted to find girls with as little formal acting background as he could, so they would be as close as possible to nature and their Aboriginal roots as possible. He succeeded and managed to find three girls who all gave incredible powerfull performances in this movie and he was able to successfully finish this beautiful movie.


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