Kick-Ass manages that and subverts the comic-book superhero genre in a big way. I love movies that try and redefine a particular genre and this is definitely one of these movies. Based on an actual comic-book by Marvel, Kick-ass takes a bit of a different approach to the typical Hollywood adaptation version of a comic-book superhero movie than the regular movies it turns out.

Have you ever looked at a superhero movie and thought, hey i wish I can do that too? Well that is exactly what Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) thought. He is your average teenage high-school nerd with an obsession for comic-books. He just figured that it couldn't be so hard to actually be a real-life superhero himself. So he makes a costume and calls himself Kick-ass. Despite lacking any kind of real powers, he takes on the role as a vigilante superhero to defend his fellow citizens. After his first try ends in disaster and he ends up in the hospital. After his recovery he goes straight back at it again, but this time he lands into even more hot water. He is saved however by hit-girl and big daddy who are more experienced vigilante superheroes and they decide to team up. What follows is a movie full of ridiculous, graphic action and absurd humor. Chloë Grace Moretz who plays hit-girl in this movie, absolutely manages to steal the show.

Director Matthew Vaughn said about this movie “ that audiences have had enough of the Nolan model of superhero movie. He says they’re ready for something different. Something lighter. People want fun and escapism at the moment” After getting denied funding by every major Hollywood studio, Matthew Vaughn decided however that he still wanted to get this movie made. So he went on to find investors himself to get the 35 million dollar budget together to make this movie. In my opinion the major studios clearly lacked vision here in denying making this movie as it makes for a new kind of superhero movie that got a great reception by audiences and quickly became a cult classic.


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