Y tu mama tambien

Y tu mama tambien is the Mexican version of a classic American road movie. This is a movie where two (usually young) people go on a road trip and come out on the other end having discovered something about themselves through their experiences. This however offers a little twist on the genre, as Its about an impulsive sexual journey that two teenagers (don’t worry, they are 18 years old) take with an attractive older woman.

Tenoch and Jano both belong to Mexican’s higher class, as Tenoch his father is a senator. They both get invited to a family wedding where they meet Luisa (Maribel Verdú). She is 10 years older and is married to Tenoch’s (Diego Luna) cousin Jano. They try to impress her by telling her that they are going to take a trip to the most beautiful beach in Mexico and that she should come along. At first Maribel wants nothing to do with Tenoch and Julio (Gael García Bernal) as they are clearly just hitting on her. But soon afterwards, she finds out that her husband had cheated on her once again. She changes her mind and agrees to come on the trip with Julio and Tenoch. The beach they are going to is called Boca del cielo ("Heaven's Mouth"), but since they made it up to get Luisa to come with them, they have to improvise and before the trip ask their stoner friend to give them directions to a beautiful beach that he knows. Predictably this goes all wrong and they are led way off track.

This premise of this movie alone would be controversial enough as some of the scene’s in the movie are sexually very graphic. You see the boys stumbling around their juvenile sexual experiences, which is funny yet endearing as well. Its very hard to say anything more about the movie without giving anything more away. As I said before, the movie is very sexually charged but if you manage to look past that, then you can see a beautiful sentiment that that really manages to touch you and to take you on that journey with them.


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