Lovers of the artic circle

Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Los amantes del círculo polar) is a Spanish drama movie from 1998. Its written and directed by Julio Médem. The level of complexity of his work is again evident, as in all of Medem’s previous movies. This particular story is portraying a grand love affair that started when Otto and Ana where young. They met as children and the movie follows them into adulthood. The two eventually fall in love, but are put in situations time and time again that make it very difficult for them to stay that way. Both having palindromic names. A palindrome is a word that reads the same in whichever direction you read it. Spelled the same forwards or backwards and it has a special meaning. The end is as the beginning and the beginning is as the end. This is an important fact, as this ties back into the whole story where everything always revolves as in a circle.


Il postino

Il postino is a 1994 Italian movie directed by Michael Radford . Its about an unlikely friendship of two men, the famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and a postman called Mario Ruoppolo. The two meet during Pablo Neruda’s political exile from chile to Italy, where he stays on a small island in the bay of Naples. Mario who lives there is dissatisfied with his life and decides to take on a job as a postman to deliver mail to the house of Pablo Neruda. This turns into a daily occurrence as the mail pours in from his fans all across the world.

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