Il postino

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Il postino is a 1994 Italian movie directed by Michael Radford . Its about an unlikely friendship of two men, the famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and a postman called Mario Ruoppolo. The two meet during Pablo Neruda’s political exile from chile to Italy, where he stays on a small island in the bay of Naples. Mario who lives there is dissatisfied with his life and decides to take on a job as a postman to deliver mail to the house of Pablo Neruda. This turns into a daily occurrence as the mail pours in from his fans all across the world.

As Mario gets enchanted by a beautiful local woman and wants to win her over, he decides that the only chance he has to win her heart is by poetry. As fascinated as he is by Pablo Neruda and his strange magnetism to woman, he decides to ask him for help. As reluctant as Pablo is at first and doesn’t quite know what to make of strange but sweet Mario, the two men become good friends later on and he decides to help Mario with his troubles, and to teach him all about poetry and metaphors.

Not only is this a beautiful and romantic movie that will surely steal your heart as it did with so many others, Also a remarkable thing happened with this movie as writer/star massimo Troisi was diagnosed with hearth problems during the filming of this project and needed to have surgery. However as dedicated as he was to this see the project to completion, he delayed surgery until filming was completed. With him regrettably passing away just the day after filming was done. One of the all time classics to have come out of Italy and If this movie does not bring a smile on your face, then I don't know what will.


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