Sci-fi & Fantasy

The Iron Giant

This is a animated Children’s movie that’s both fit for children and adults. So if you have a family then this is one of those movies that you both can watch together and love, as it has a different message for both children and adults. The iron giant never really catched on as a mainstream movie, and that is actually a real shame because the message for both adults and children is a really good one in this movie. Poet Ted Hughes, considered one of the greatests poets of his generation by many, first wrote this story for his own children before it got eventually got adapted for film.


Pan's Labyrinth

Pan’s labyrinth, or El Laberintho del fauno as it was originally called in spanish, is a 2006 Spanish-Mexican Dark Fantasy film, directed by acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. He is well know for making films in the fantasy genre and with this life-long obsession for fantasy and monsters I can assure you that you will find your fair share of that in this movie too. He himself said in an interview “This movie deals with brutality an innocence with children in war and how they cope with this situation. They sometimes will create a fantasy world that is as real for them and sometimes just as scary or dangerous as the real world to escape their situation”. This is the most beautiful way I can put it here to describe this movie.



Before you quickly sigh and think, wow, another one of these post-apocalyptic movies with a big hollywood superstar (Insert Chris Evans in this instance), I have to say, no no no, not for this movie. But the exception is just for this one.


Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Welcome in the fantasy world of Scott pilgrim. A unsuccesful rock musician in a Toronto band. Scott’s universe is a universe where just about anyone in this movie, at litrally anytime can turn themselfs into a super hero with the accompanying super power and just about always does. He has to battle the seven evil exes of his new mysterious girlfriend. But he not only faces them, but also a slew of his own ex-gf's that also seem to randomly pop up at any time in this movie.

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