Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Welcome in the fantasy world of Scott pilgrim. A unsuccesful rock musician in a Toronto band. Scott’s universe is a universe where just about anyone in this movie, at litrally anytime can turn themselfs into a super hero with the accompanying super power and just about always does. He has to battle the seven evil exes of his new mysterious girlfriend. But he not only faces them, but also a slew of his own ex-gf's that also seem to randomly pop up at any time in this movie.

When you think that this movie can't get any crazier, somehow it always manages to outstage itself at every new plot twist (and there is quite a few). Full of weird and sarcastic humor, the craziest characters and a random Seinfeld reference that just about came out of nowhere, how can you not absolutely love this movie.

It is very cleaverly done by director Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the dead fame) and manages to hit all the right things notes without ever going overboard with any them. Even Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob fame praised this movie. Kevin smith said about this movie and I quote “That movie is great. It’s spellbinding and nobody is going to understand what the fuck just hit them. I would be hard pressed to say,”he’s bringing a comic book to life!” but he is bringing a comic book to life. If you’ve ever seen Scott Pilgrim, he did a damn fine job of taking essentially an anime looking book and putting it into the real world while keeping everything about that book that’s kind of cool and what pops” So What are you all waiting for. Scott pilgrim and the evil exes are waiting for you!


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