The Iron Giant

This is a animated Children’s movie that’s both fit for children and adults. So if you have a family then this is one of those movies that you both can watch together and love, as it has a different message for both children and adults. The iron giant never really catched on as a mainstream movie, and that is actually a real shame because the message for both adults and children is a really good one in this movie. Poet Ted Hughes, considered one of the greatests poets of his generation by many, first wrote this story for his own children before it got eventually got adapted for film.

Set in America in 1957, where Russian satellite Sputnik has just launched and America is living under the fear of nuclear attack from space. But not the little hero of this story, Hogarth. He is a 9 year old boy who lives together with his mom and has a very rich imagination and likes to explore and wander. One night, Something comes down from space and it chrashes in the sea near Rockwell, Maine. It makes its way to land and to the woods near Hogarth’s house. He hears sounds in the woods and he goes exploring. That’s when he finds a giant metal robot. Hogarth is scared, but the two quickly become friends after Hogarth saves him from being electrocuted. The robot is very childlike and Hogarth struggles as he tries to teach him about life and about what he can be and should not be. At the same time he also has to hide the giant robot from his mom and everyone in the town, as grown-ups will just be scared. He is aided by local weird artist and scrapyard owner Dean, as they hide the giant metal robot together resulting in many hilarious moments.

This is definitely a movie that has something to say and is trying to bring across a message. Actually it is a two-fold message. First off, you can choose who you want to be in life and also that people are always scared of something that they don’t know and people should think before making jugements about things that they don’t know.


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