About us

We’ve made this movie website for the new generation. Its hip, its clear and clean. Most of all, its easy to use and fast to find all the information that you want, without having to spend too much time weeding through an excess of information that you don’t need.

We started this with the sole purpose of being able to inform you of the best alternative and independent movies the world has to offer. We felt that there was a need for a good dedicated website out there, that manages to capture that fine line that exists between a commercial and an independent or art-house movie. We believe that there is a whole spectrum of beautiful and interesting movies in between those two polar extremes, and we wanted to showcase that here with this website.

As too many times its been a problem to find all the right movies in one space, and we have tried to solve that by bringing you the best selection of foreign films in one dedicated website. From old to new, and from the most obscure to some of the highest grossing foreign movies. Simply put, we wanted to bring you guys the most beautiful and interesting stories ever to be told on film, from wherever they may come.